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I’m out of the office this week, but I’m checking my messages and found out that Monday we hit the 75 percent mark for participation in the Performance Culture Assessment. Wow! That’s awesome!


That 75.5 percent represents 1,098 of our 1,454 employees—and that’s just amazing after only one week of the survey. To put this into perspective, just two years ago we ENDED the PCA with a total of 50.7 percent participation. Only 50.7 percent! This year, we passed that mark after the survey was open for just four days. We really appreciate everyone taking a few minutes to let us know how we are doing.


While taking the PCA isn’t mandatory, I’m glad so many of you feel it’s important enough to give your opinion. Getting an overall picture of how employees feel about this place we work in is incredibly important to me. I can’t address your concerns or help make changes—or even celebrate successes—if I don’t know where to start. Taking the PCA goes a long way toward that big overall picture. Thank you, sincerely, for sharing your thoughts.


75.5 percent! Wow. Oh yeah, and congrats to the iPad winners. I bet they’re even happier than I am that so many people took the survey.



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